The Year over Year by Month chart appears on the Revenue Analysis page within Historicals.  This chart compares each month to the same month in the prior year and shows the period over period change for the entire range.  It uses exclusively monthly data from Historicals.  In order for the chart to populate, a user needs to provide at least 13 consecutive months of operating statement data.  This chart is intended to provide insight into how growth is changing, highlight outlying months, and give a period over period growth rate.

Increase of Gross Potential Rent for single month is defined as GPR (Year 2, Month 1) / GPR (Year 1, Month 1) - 1.   For instance, if Gross Potential Rent for January 2017 is $100,000 and for January 2018 is $105,000, then the increase would be shown as 5%.  The Period Weighted Average compares the sum for the entire range to the same period in the prior year.  For instance, if Gross Potential Rent from January to December 2016 is $1,200,000 and from January to December 2017 is $1,260,000, then the Period Weighted Average for January to December 2017 would be 5%.