Deals Page

The default home screen of redIQ is the Deals page. This page can be accessed any time by clicking “Deals” in the top left corner of the screen.

To create a new deal, click “New Deal” in the top right corner of the page. The Deals page can be exported to Excel by clicking the “Export” button. To change the view of this page, use the "Settings" and "Filter" buttons.

In the Settings the Deals can be grouped by different fields, the fields that appear on the page can be customized, and the order of the fields can be modified. All fields with a check mark next to it in the Settings will appear on the Deals page. The order of these columns can be customized by dragging and dropping each field in the appropriate position.

The Filter changes the view of the page so only Deals with certain traits will be visible. The applied filters will persist throughout your session.

An Action Menu for a Deal can be accessed by clicking thebutton or right clicking anywhere on the row of a Deal. All the data presented on the Deals page comes from the Deal Details of each individual Deal. This data can be changed by clicking "Edit" on the Action Menu. If you hold the Ctrl button on your keyboard you can select multiple Deals and either update the status or delete Deals in bulk by right clicking within the selection.

Pipeline Report

The Pipeline Report can be accessed by clicking “Pipeline Report” on the Deals Page. This report splits all Deals into Deals We’re Working On and Deals That Have Gone Inactive. All Deals with a Status of Active, Bid Placed, or Dormant will appear in the Deals We’re Working On section and all Deals with a Status of Closed, Passed, Lost, Withdrawn, or Owned Property will appear in the Deals That Have Gone Inactive section. When the Status of a Deal is updated it will appear in the corresponding new section. Only Deals that have changed statuses since a certain date will appear in the Deals That Have Gone Inactive section so you can see everything that has moved out of your pipeline since your last pipeline meeting. This date can be customized by clicking directly on the date or clicking the Settings button. All metrics that appear on this page (such as IRR, Equity Multiple, and Cap Rate) can be entered in the Deal Details of an individual Deal by clicking Edit from the Action Menu.