Sometimes property managers assign the same floor plan to units that are different sizes. The Floor Plan Summary in redIQ can break out all units by each unique floor plan code or each unique unit size. Right after the rent roll has been uploaded, Step 1 of the mapping will present each unique floor plan code provided in the rent roll. The bed/bath count for each of these floor plans needs to be entered to map the rent roll data and view the reports. Once the data has been mapped, hover over the Rent Roll tab and navigate to the Floor Plan Summary. Change the Report Type from Floor Plan to Unit Size. This will break out the units by each unique floor plan size regardless of how the property manager assigned the floor plans.

Note for Valuation clients: If the floor plans need to be broken out by unit size in the model, then changes will need to be made to the source data of the rent roll. Please reference the section about editing the original data at the bottom of the Edit Rent Roll article.