If there are multiple levels of renovation at a property (e.g. "Partial" and "Full" renovations) they can be labeled accordingly in redIQ. Renovations can be labeled in Step 4 of the initial mapping or from the Edit Rent Roll screen. If renovations are identified by floor plan or charge code, check the box next to each renovation then edit the description where applicable. All floor plans with same description will be grouped together. In the example below all units with the "Partial" description will be labeled as one renovation type, the "Full" units will be labeled as a separate renovation type, and all unlabeled units will remain unrenovated.

If renovations are identified by unit number, enter in each renovation level separately. Using the same example as above, copy and paste (using ctrl+v) the list of Partial renovations, click Select Units, change the Renovation Status to Partial, and click Apply. Repeat the same steps for Full renovations and the different renovation types will be labeled.

When viewing the Rent Roll Dashboard, Floor Plan Summary, or the Rent Roll if a renovation filter is applied it will separate the different levels of renovation. Note that when viewing the Rent Roll Dashboard, there's an option in the Report Settings to choose to view Renovation Premium for each renovation type, or all renovations can be grouped together to see the combined premium for all renovated units.