If renovations are labeled in a rent roll, odds are they'll need to be labeled again in any updated rent rolls for that deal. If renovations were labeled by floor plan or charge code in the original rent roll, redIQ will pre-fill those selections when mapping any subsequent rent rolls in the deal. However if renovations were labeled by unit number, all renovated unit numbers will need to be entered again. Since the specific units that were renovated can change from one date to the next, redIQ does not automatically bring the renovations into a newly added rent roll. These renovations can be labeled by unit number in Step 4 of the initial mapping or from the Edit Rent Roll screen if it's already been loaded.

If the same units need to be labeled as renovated from one rent roll to the next, the easiest way to do that is to export the older rent roll to Excel. Use the filters in row 9 of the Rent Roll tab so only a list of the renovated units appear. Then choose to label renovations by unit number and copy and paste (using ctrl+v) that list of unit numbers in order to label them as renovated. If multiple types of renovations need to be labeled by unit number, pleases read the article detailing that process.