The original mapping selections or mappings of individual units can be changed on the Edit Rent Roll screen. Hover over the Rent Roll tab, navigate to the Manage Rent Rolls screen and click Edit.

There are a few actions that can be taken on this screen. If any anomalies appear in the rent roll data, they will be listed on the left side of the screen. An anomaly will appear if an occupied unit has one of the following issues:

  • Contractual Rent has duplicate charges
  • Value of Contractual Rent is more than 30% above or below its Market Rent
  • Contractual Rent is missing
  • Recurring Concessions has duplicate charges
  • Lease Start Date is missing but other occupied units have a Lease Start Date
  • Move In Date is missing but other occupied units have a Move In Date

Edits to the data can be made on this screen. To edit the Net SF, Market Rent, Charges, or Lease Dates, click directly on the cell of the data to be changed. If one of the charges are clicked a screen will appear to edit any of the charges. In this screen there is also an option to delete a charge. Any of the other data can be edited directly in the cell. To revert back to the original data, right click on the cell and select the corresponding option. To revert a charge back to the original, click the corresponding button on the edit charge screen.

If a unit with an anomaly is edited so the issue no longer exists, it will no longer appear in the list of Anomalies.

To edit data from the mappings such as Floor Plans or Occupancy, there are three approaches that can be taken. Any of the original mappings can be changed by clicking the Mappings drop-down in the top right corner of the screen.

The mapping of a specific unit can be edited clicking on the row of the unit then clicking the Edit Units drop-down. Multiple units can be selected by holding Ctrl while clicking the units.

If a large batch of units needs to be selected, go directly to the Edit Units drop-down then copy and paste (using ctrl+v) the list of unit numbers into the corresponding box and click Select Units. When pasting in the list of units, the unit numbers can be separated by a comma, tab, or line break.

If the Market Rent or Net SF needs to be edited by floor please refer to the article detailing that process here.

If there are further edits need to be made to the original data that cannot be made directly on this screen, the following steps can be taken. First export the rent roll to Excel from the Floor Plan Summary or Manage Rent Rolls screen. Once the rent roll has been exported to Excel, go to the Source Data tab of the spreadsheet and make changes in the appropriate cells. Save the file and go back to the deal in redIQ. Hover over the Rent Roll tab, navigate to the Manage Rent Rolls screen and delete the old rent roll. Upload the file that was just saved and click through the mappings (prior entries should be pre-filled). Note that there's no need to worry about any of the other tabs in the Excel spreadsheet as redIQ will only pull data from the Source Data tab and ignore all other tabs.