redIQ can recognize and capture rent roll data from Excel or PDF reports generated from the most commonly used property management systems. The standard rent roll reports from the Yardi, OneSite, Entrata, and AMSI property management systems are compatible with the Rent Roll Capture feature. There are also one or two single line reports from MRI, Rent Manager, and ResMan that are compatible but not all rent rolls from those management systems will upload automatically.

We are constantly evaluating the rent rolls that fail to capture with this feature to see if we can improve the number of rent rolls that will upload with RRC. As a result we may add additional formats that are partially supported by Rent Roll Capture, but not every rent roll in that format will be compatible.

Note that it’s important to use the direct export from the property management system if possible. Both PDF and Excel files will work, but if there was any manipulation to the file after it was exported (manual edits to the data, converted from PDF to Excel or vice versa) then it may prevent it from uploading with Rent Roll Capture. If a file fails to upload it can be submitted to redIQ Support directly through the platform and the Support team will process and upload the data.